Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Paving for Your Modern Home WITHOUT the Weeds!

handcrafted sawcut concrete driveway sawcut concrete driveway handcrafted sawcut concrete pathway

Are you looking for a sleek, modern and contemporary concrete paver for your modern home?

Our handcrafted saw-cut concrete paving looks like an upmarket concrete paver but with benefits the low maintenance home owner will love:

  • No weeding
  • No subsidence
  • Great for uneven or undulating areas!

At Panorama Concrete, we have perfected the art of laying saw-cut concrete paving in both commercial and residential projects. The result is a smooth and sleek finish, perfectly suited to modern and contemporary homes.

A modern and contemporary look at a reasonable price

Handcrafted saw-cut concrete paving looks like high end concrete pavers and our customers are pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price tag. When laying large block concrete pavers, they should be installed over another layer of concrete to secure them and minimise movement, a layer which is not required with saw-cut concrete paving.

How we install our handcrafted saw-cut finishes

Coloured concrete sawcut finish

After the site is properly prepared, integral (colour through) concrete is poured and trowelled either to a smooth or smudge finish. For a flat entrance area where slipping is not an issue, a smooth finish works fine, but for driveways or areas with a slight slope needing some grip, a texture can be developed with a smudge finish.

After the concrete paving has cured enough we come back to saw-cut the pattern. This is a job for a well-trained specialist. Control joints as per AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009 are always incorporated to fit in with the design.

Milled handcrafted concrete sawcut finish

Another option is our Milled handcrafted paving, in which your chosen integral coloured exposed aggregate mix is poured. A special retarder is then placed over the top to make sure that the small flecks of stone show through on the concrete surface. After the concrete paving has cured enough, we come back to saw-cut the pattern.

The resulting look is a high end urban-stone look, with clean lines and a clean finish, perfect for patios, pathways and driveways in modern homes.

If you’re thinking about concrete pavers for your modern home, then talk to us about our handcrafted saw-cut concrete paving options. There’ll be no need to weed, they look fabulous and they may even come in at a lower price.

Talk to one of our friendly staff today on (08) 8297 9611 or visit our showroom at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville which has many samples to views.

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