Sandstone Pattern Pave Range

Extend the look of your traditional or natural environment with Sandstone pattern pave

Our sandstone range means you can create a specific look and feel to suit the style of your home. If you have a heritage, natural or traditional style to your home, using our sandstone concrete pattern paving for driveways, pathways or patios will create an extension of that look.

Sandstone pattern paving is achieved either by stamping textured mats into newly poured concrete that has already been coloured and trowelled (see our Handcrafted page), or by saw-cutting paving designs into smudge finished coloured concrete.  

Pattern Pave is perfect for undulating landscapes or tricky areas

Our stamping techniques can provide smooth sleek surfaces that look like tiles or pavers.  Sawcut joints, essential in concrete paving will not be very noticeable. The benefit is that you can choose from a variety of colours and styles to suit the area needing paving.

Sandstone pattern paving is suitable for patios, verandas, around pools, indoor/outdoor rooms and some driveways. Visit our showroom to see the available styles. Also see Handcrafted Finishes for more options.

Our Sandstone pattern pave range includes the following styles: 

  • Mediterranean
  • Bushrock
  • Paver Tile
  • Ashler
  • French Tile