Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paving Ideas for a Smaller Front Yard

Designed and laid in the right way, exposed aggregate concrete paving can make a small yard look larger, lighter and welcoming, creating a sense of space.

Here are some creative ideas for smaller yards and entrances that we have installed, using a combination of exposed aggregate concrete and paving titles to create stylish and attractive designs, transforming smaller areas of your home into welcoming pathways and entrances.

exposed aggregate concrete paving

Exposed aggregate in clean, minimalist lines

For this smaller semi-detached home, we opted for a combined exposed aggregate pathway and driveway with clean, minimalist lines, framing the entrance with plants.


exposed aggregate concrete paving

Curved pathways add interest to the landscaping

Curves work well in smaller areas. This striking exposed aggregate concrete pathway curved around the home and was accentuated with plants and a large pot.

adelaide concrete

Clever landscaping creating both colour and tranquillity in a small space

This small yard combines a water feature with a lighter exposed aggregate concrete for the pathway. The narrow area came to life with the tranquil sounds of water movement and a small, colourful garden. Earth stone and water came together to create a natural mini sanctuary.


exposed aggregate concrete pathway

Making an entrance three dimensional

For this small entrance, we used exposed aggregate concrete stepping stones with a mixture of small pebbles between the concrete paving for contrast.

concrete resealing

A combination of tiles and exposed aggregate

This innovative design for the entrance to this home combines exposed aggregate concrete sections, framed with tiles and separated with small plants – bringing a distinctive style to a small front yard.

exposed aggregate concrete entrance

Cut-out feature in concrete paving entrance

We added a cut out feature to this exposed aggregate concrete entrance that we filled with small contrasting stones. Being on the darker side of the house, we used a lighter aggregate with dark pebbles to create a sense of space.


If you are currently looking for landscaping ideas and have a small yard that needs some creativity, call and have a chat with our friendly team at Panorama Concrete on 8297 9611 or drop into our showroom at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville. We have more ideas to share with you.