Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paths and Driveways

  • Customise with Pebbles and Stones
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ideal for Sloping Landscapes

How Exposed Aggregate Concrete is Made

Exposed Aggregate concrete is a decorative style of concrete paving suitable for driveways, pathways and patios. Very tough and strong it is great for steep slopes or flat sites.

When exposed aggregate concrete is poured a special retardent is applied to the surface of the concrete. This will be removed after the concrete has cured to reveal the aggregate near the surface - giving a lovely natural finish.  

Add pebbles and pigments to your aggregate concrete to suit your home

Specially selected aggregates and coloured pigments can be added to the concrete at the batch plant to achieve a wide variety of different effects. Coloured stones and smooth pebbles can also be "seeded" on to the top of the wet concrete to create different looks and a smoother surface to walk on.

Choosing the colour of aggregate concrete

Aggregates are available in a range of colours including white, green, gold, tan, black grey, mid brown, pink and variegated hues. Pigments come in a wide selection of colours. To see some samples of colours please visit our Coloured Concrete page.

Some good reasons to choose exposed aggregate concrete:

  • Can be used on steep driveways and undulating landscapes
  • A more refined mix creates a smooth patio
  • Can be poured in various designs and colours
  • Is very tough and strong
  • Requires little maintenance

Have a look at our range of exposed aggregate ranges. There's the Benchmark Range, Custom Range, Platinum Range, Milled Handcrafted Range. There are many examples of our work in installing exposed aggregate concrete in Adelaide in a variety of ways.  

Visit our Forestville Showroom

After installing over 2 million square metres of decorative concrete in Adelaide for over 25 years, it isn't possible to show all our work on this website. Come and be inspired by the examples of slate pattern pave at our display site or arrange for one of our Consultants to come out and give you a free, no obligation quotation. They will bring with them many more photographs for you to look at and can supply a list of addresses of different pattern finishes for you to see. With perhaps an occasional coat of sealer added to refresh, the first jobs we did are still looking great!