Reseal your concrete with our range of Avista Sealers!

  • Protect against stains
  • Enhance natural colour
  • Mask blemished areas

Transform your new or existing concrete with a clear or tinted concrete sealer. Visit us for product and advice at our showroom in Forestville, Adelaide.

concrete sealer avista

Competitive Prices for Avista Sealers in 20L containers!

  • Durable protective sealers for driveways and other paved areas.  
  • Will enhance or change the natural colour of the surface.
  • Protects against stains.
  • Makes paving easier to sweep.


‚Äč*Technical data and instructions available on purchase

Avista Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer Primer

Clear primer for solvent based sealers with high penetration and adhesion.

General Purpose Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer General Purpose

Enhances natural colour. Semi-gloss or matt finish.

Avista Concrete Sealer Waterbased

Concrete Sealer Waterbased

Water based, easy to wash up and fast drying. Semi-gloss finish.

Avista Concrete Sealer Colour Tint

Concrete Sealer Colour Tint

Refresh plain or decorative concrete surfaces and mask blemished concrete areas.

Or Panorama Concrete can do it for you. Call us for a free, no obligation quote!

Sealing coloured concrete driveway Sealing Handcrafted-Sawcut paving

Paved Areas and Driveways with Concrete Sealer applied

Exposed Aggregate Finish House with sealed concrete
concrete sealed driveways concrete sealed patios concrete sealed pathways
concrete sealer aggregate concrete adelaide

A concrete sealer will restore existing concrete and mask blemished concrete. Give your driveway or paved areas a refresh! We will also provide:


  • A thorough high pressure clean
  • An acid wash if necessary
  • Applications of the right sealer for your paving